Poetry differs from realistic and fictional books as poetry is more on the reflections of poets and how they see the world. It is a way of seeing the world through the eyes of a poet that makes poetry different and impressive. While a work of fiction might thrill for a short time, poetry that impresses you can linger in your mind and memory for long.

Many people often dismiss poetry as it is stated to be an anachronistic form of writing. However, poets are like artful reporters who communicate their experiences that goes beyond autobiography; it showcases their ways of looking at life, chronicles their experiences or impressions of life as they go through life or pass phases or journeys that impress them in different ways.

Poets also reflect the state of society. Historians usually referred to the works of poets of a certain era or period to gauge the impact of a king’s rule and the social conditions that were prevalent. Poetry books should be read for posterity as well as help gauge the impact of the different aspects of life that touch our world as reflected in the works of poets.

The poetry of the past showcase the culture and society as well as the economic conditions of people and today’s poetry showcase what touches our contemporary lives. It is a thoughtful and soulful process that should not be ignored nor put away simply as personal thoughts or feelings of poets that are delinked from others.